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Purple Shamrock
Purple Shamrock Live Indoor Plant
Oxalis regnellii
Oxalis Triangularis
Purple Shamrock Live Indoor Plant

Purple Shamrock Live Indoor Plant

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Small but mighty! This dainty little plant, often only about 6-10" high, will brighten up a room and catch the attention of those walking by. The shamrock plant has clover-shaped leaves in a range of deep plum and bright purple shades, and produces the most beautiful, little star-shaped flowers during fall, spring, and winter.

Some of the characteristics that make this plant extra special are its photonastic response, which is its reaction of opening up its leaves during the day and closing them at night (similar to a prayer plant but with the added petal movement). And that it is known as an edible plant! (though it makes a much better decor accessory than meal!)

Best of all, this plant is rated as non-toxic by the ASPCA and therefore safe to keep around pets and small children.



- Premium white, custom-made 4” planter with drainage. 3D printed inhouse with sustainable, plant based material.

- Premium custom-blend soil. Specifically formulated with all the nutrients and vitamins to keep your Pretty in Green plants happy and thriving.

- Personalized care instructions.

- Ready to unpack, display and love.


- Light: Prefers warmer temperatures and bright, indirect light. In certain climates it can also be grown outdoors in full sun.

- Water: Water often to keep its soil moist, this will maintain lush growth and abundant flowers.

- Tips: Shamrocks are heavy feeders and need to be fertilized regularly with a balanced houseplant food. If the flowers bloom below the leaves this indicates that the plant needs more light.



There are certain risks associated with shipping live plants. While we take all precautions to make sure the plants arrive in good conditions, some transit shock is normal. To alleviate this shock, water your plant lightly upon arrival and wait at least 1 full week before transplanting it to a new container. In the event that the plant is severely damaged during transit, please contact us within 48 hours with a description of the condition of your plant upon arrival and a picture, and we will gladly mail a replacement.

Photograph above represents plants in the nursery. Appearance of delivered plant may vary depending on season.

*** WINTER SHIPMENTS: Buyers shipping to destinations with temperatures under 40F must also purchase a heat pack. ***