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Rose Quartz Indoor Watering Can - 1.5L

Rose Quartz Indoor Watering Can - 1.5L

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A must have in every indoor garden!

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  • Brushed Rose Quartz Color
  • Large 1500mL Capacity (1.6 Quarts)
  • No more spilling from a water glass while watering
  • Long spout allows watering access to difficult areas
  • Made from Rust Resistant Stainless Steel

This elegant and minimalist rose quartz stainless steel watering can will make caring for your plants quick and easy. 

The narrow long spout fits perfectly between all types of foliage to water with precision and without damaging leaves and flowers. Its size and light weight allows you to control the flow of water to give the soil time to absorb every drop evenly and efficiently, without leaving any behind in the can. And its premium stainless steel construction will ensure you never have to part ways with it! 

Dimensions: 15.3 x 8.3 x 5"

Capacity: 1.5L (6.3 cups)

Ships FREE in Orders >$49, or $4 by itself