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Chinese Evergreen (Ag Maria) Live Air Purifying Plant in 3D Printed Pot
Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema Maria, Ag Maria, in 3D Printed
Macro image of Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema Maria, Ag Maria, Air Purifying Plant
Above view of Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema Maria (Ag Maria) Air Purifying Plant
Included Biodegradable 3D Printed Pot and Saucer

Chinese Evergreen (Ag Maria) Live Air Purifying Plant in 3D Printed Pot

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This gem of a plant can make even the novice indoor gardener look like an expert! And while it's one of the toughest plants, it's also beautiful. This variety has rich green leaves with delicate lighter highlights.

The Chinese Evergreen is recommended by NASA's Clean Air Study for it's air purifying attributes. Add one (or a combination of different purifying plants) for every 100 sq. ft. of indoor space and say goodbye to 90% of your indoor toxins!




Medium Indirect Light


⛅ This plant is very easy going and will adjust to many living conditions. Ideally, it prefers medium, indirect light, but will also be happy in bright, indirect light or low light environments. 


Semi Dry 

 💧Lightly. Water your plant well and allow the soil to dry (feeling dry or barely moist to the touch) before watering again. Water more often during hot summer months and less during winter. 





Premium white, custom-made 5" BioPot with drainage. 3D printed in-house with sustainable materials derived from corn 🌽  We up-pot, so our plants won't need a transplant for 9-18+ months!

Premium, organic, custom-blended soil made daily by our staff. Specifically formulated with all the nutrients and vitamins to keep your plants happy and thriving 🌲

+ Personalized care instructions.

+ Ready to unpack, display and love.




Keep an eye for pests, as the Chinese Evergreen has soft, fleshy leaves that pests might be attracted to. Note that the Chinese evergreen is a heavy photosynthesizer and feeder. Feed with an all purpose fertilizer which can be found here.




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