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Pilea Peperomioides in 3D Printed BioPot
Pilea Peperomioides in 3D Printed BioPot
Pilea Peperomioides in 3D Printed BioPot
Pilea Peperomioides in 3D Printed BioPot

Pilea Peperomioides in 3D Printed BioPot

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This Pilea Peperomioides, also known as the Chinese Money Plant, is one of the most popular, yet rare and hard-to-find indoor pants. They are often called the "friendship plant" because, due to their low availability, most people have better luck finding them at plant swaps or getting a cutting from a friend than in traditional nurseries or garden centers.

But one all is you need to decorate a whole room or entryway! Its bright green pancake-shaped leaves and central upright stem, surrounded on all sides by these characteristic perky leaves, provide an elegant and welcoming burst of color against white walls.

Best of all, this plant is rated as non-toxic by the ASPCA and therefore safe to keep around pets and small children.




Bright Indirect Light

⛅ Pileas like bright indirect light, but can tolerate some lower light conditions. If the leaf stems elongate, it probably needs more light.



Semi Dry Conditions

💧Water deeply when the soil begins drying out. Don't let it go completely dry, but it should not be moist when you water.  





Premium white, custom-made 4" BioPot with drainage. 3D printed in-house with sustainable materials derived from corn 🌽  We up-pot, so our plants won't need a transplant for 9-18+ months!

Premium, organic, custom-blended soil made daily by our staff. Specifically formulated with all the nutrients and vitamins to keep your plants happy and thriving 🌲

+ Personalized care instructions.

+ Ready to unpack, display and love.




Pilea peperomioides is a surprisingly adaptable and easy to care for plant. All it needs is bright, indirect light and consistent waterings. If it receives light from a single nearby window, I would also recommend rotating it a few times per week to keep its round shape and the leaves growing evenly on all directions.

The plant will also reward you with new growth regularly, producing "pups" - offshoots that can be cut away and propagated as separate plants to keep as extra greenery, or to continue to the tradition and pass on to a friend.




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