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Illegal Practice

You do realize that repackaging Gnatrol WDG from its original container into smaller containers and reselling them is 110% illegal in any and all states in the Unites States. There will be a reckoning.

Best ever

I tried everything I could find over the last year a it all seemed to make the gnats thrive. I was at the point of throwing all my plants out ,but then I tried pretty in green and the gnats were gone after one treatment, thank you pretty in green.

It Works!

This is the only product that really works on fungus gnats.

10/10 would recommend

I love the set and I’d buy it again! The different nutrients were very useful. They even have an instructional video explaining how to put everything together. It was extremely simple. I did have to buy more leca. The leca they include is enough for one plant. But 10/10 would recommend and would purchase again 🙂

Beautiful plant! Full Beautiful roots, getting her settled in now, thank you

Stuff works

I had a fairly series fungus gnat control problem, and this certainly seemed to work…

Gone Gone

With over a 100 plants in my nyc one bedroom apt Those and six are so gone this products does the job gets rid of them real quick thank you Pretty In .

fungus gnat control

i usually just buy plants from these guys and they’re exceptional and still growing years later. but fungus gnats have reigned terror on my plant room so decided to give this bundle a try. DRASTIC decrease in first round. my collection is quite large so the bottle only treated almost all the plants once. haven’t had the chance to try the leaf luxe yet but i’m sure it will be great too, as is everything from this shop.

Fantastic customer service, thoughtful packaging, beautiful healthy plants!!

Was nervous ordering as I've had bad experiences in the past and I bought a plant that was on sale so I was expecting to have to bring it back to life. But it arrived perfectly packaged with its heat pack taped to the inside of the box so it didn't bounce around and crush my plant. And my plant, it is absolutely gorgeous and healthy and thriving! I love the lecca nutrients I received as well. Definitely going to continue to purchase through Pretty In Green!

8 going strong 💪🏼

I’ve purchased 8 rare plant babies from these folks and all high quality plants that have given me nothing but joy for the beautiful leaves that keep staring at me 🪴

1-and-done BTi

Small batch commercial cultivator here. I always use BTI but I ran across this company and decided to give it a go. I had a small explosion of gnats from my floor sink. Bought the 2oz of bti and mixed it with 30 gallons of water to treat about 400 plants plus the floor sink. Between that and adjusting watering schedule temporarily, it was a 1-and-done treatment. I’ll definitely be back! Great value and excellent viability.


My monstera Albo arrived perfectly healthy and packaging was very organized. I would definitely order again with my shipping and shopping experience!

Best fertilizer out there!

ALL OF MY PLANTS, indoors and outdoors, started growing like crazy after feeding them with LEAF LUX.

Rooting hormone

Haven't had the chance to use it yet but I am in high hopes with some philodendrons and monstera.

Excellent product! All of my plants in Leca are thriving because of this nutrient water!

Nicer than expected. Great packaging and quick shipping

Robust packaging and plant

You can tell the sturdiness of the plant once you open it. Very well taken care of and grown. Even after 2 weeks no signs of stress and it already started producing leaves.

Sooo in love with this girl ! She is doing great and the packaging was done right! I have a new leaf coming in already !

I’m in love with my new plants !
They were packaged to perfection! Nothing was broken or damaged!


Came as advertised. Plant was perfect. I would highly recommend this store.

Great Product

My Albo arrived quickly and healthy, after a week in soil it still looks great.

beautiful plant

every plant I buy is always big and healthy. I've never had a single problem with shipping. I will buy from you again and again and again.

The plant is beautiful. Arrived in perfect condition. Will be planting it in a new planter.

Bti is Amazing!

My plants, due to, I believe, some infested potting soil, became infested with fungus gnats. Seriously and terribly infested. It was horrible. I started using Pretty in Green Bti and it immediately controlled the fungus gnats. It did not immediately eliminate them. This is largely because fungus gnats are so prolific that it takes a good long while to eradicate them when you have an infestation as bad as my plants had. However, the eradication process really speeded up with two added measures. I started using de-chlorinated water when I mixed up my Bti and then let the "brew" sit for 24 hours. I believe the chlorinated water lessened the strength of the Bti. So, after using only de-chlorinated water and after adding the Bti and letting it sit for at least overnight to let the culture grow - well, it made a huge difference. My plants do not have any more fungus gnats and it is so wonderful! I continue to use Bti as a preventative measure at this point. So thankful for Bti and so thankful for Pretty in Green - an excellent company to work with. Thanks Pretty in Green!