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Pretty in Green Reviews

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Beautiful healthy albo

I’m really pleased with my albo! The half moon variegation is stunning and seems to be stable. She quickly put out a new leaf in the first couple weeks I had her, and the new one is a half moon also!

So healthy and cute

My Majestic arrived packaged well and in great condition! I’m really happy with her and will definitely purchase again from Pretty in Green!

This beautiful plant arrived in great condition. The variegation is very unique and I kind of prefer this to the aurea variegation. Super excited and looking forward to the next leaf!

Awesome aroid mix!

I’ve tried plenty of pre-made aroid mixes. Never seen my plants so happy as with this mix (plus the Pretty in green fertilizer)

Very happy with the order! It came well wrapped in the packaging so there was very minimal damage to one leaf, even though USPS delivered it upside down (contrary to the directions on the box). It's now putting out a new leaf after about a week of acclimation!

This stuff is MAGIC! Waiting on my second order now! Also trying a few other products since I loved this so much! Go and get you some now! Thank you Pretty in Green! Love watching your live sales, YT, and everything in between!

Arrived in great condition. Definitely will need a pot ready and soil when it arrives as it arrives carefully wrapped without it. Overall the plant is in great health

Loves it!!

My plant arrived perfectly wrapped and in good condition! It was everything I wanted it to be!! I was tempted to buy my adansonii at a store but I’m so glad I waited as it’s perfect and very unique compared to what you can buy elsewhere.

Gorgeous albo!

I was so so so happy with the quality of my plant when she arrived. She has already pushed out a half moon leaf! She’s healthy and happy and was packed with so much care.


Fast shipping and killed the fungus gnats quickly, great product

Exceeded expectations!

The plant arrived in perfect condition and even lovelier than the photos. Would totally recommend!

Amazing group of people

And they’ve got amazing plants. Thank you again for dropping it off.


I picked up my Monstera Albo from the nursery. Loved meeting everyone and I also get so much info from their Youtube videos. My Albo was exactly as pictured and had been lovingly transferred into a larger pot. Will definitely be back!

Great service

This is one of the few places where you can buy a quantity appropriate for home use. The product has a shelf life that makes bulk purchases ineffective. Very effective product when purchased this way and used in a timely fashion. Your gnats will vanish, using only a natural solution.

BTI Works Great

I applied it as per instructions when it first arrived, and again 5 days later. No more fungus gnats!! It’s been three weeks now and I’m beginning to see them again so I applied it once again. I’ll check again in 5 days. So far so good. BTW, the product arrived within a few days, so great job on the shipping, too!!

Didn't work for me at all

I was really excited to try this out on all my plants that have bad fungus gnat infestations. Unfortunately, after following the directions exactly and watching several videos on its use, the product didn't do a single thing to the fungus gnats in my plants. I'm very disappointed that after an entire bottle, the gnats did not go down at all.

Spiritus Sancti

Beautiful plant. Very healthy. Super fast delivery. Love this shop!

My son-in-law love his gift

Great company . Plant came in time and healthy

Spiritus Sancti philodendron

The plant was well packaged and came in good condition. Great price for size of plant. Hopefully I’ll keep it alive and thriving.

Fungus Gnat Control

Before I came across this one, I had tried various treatments for Fungus gnats. pretty green works for me. I treat any new house plants immediately and then with every watering.
It works, I highly recommend Pretty in Green 's Fungus Gnat Control - Biological Organic Larvicide - Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis - Bti Powder

Mesmerizing plant!

I watched the Spiritus Sancti documentary on the Pretty In Green YouTube channel and couldn’t wait to have one of my own. Now that she’s here she does not disappoint! Feels like science fiction almost- but in a good way. So proud to own this plant and as always the prices and quality are simply unmatched.

Stunning showstopper!

Love all my Pretty In Green albo’s! They start out great and just get better and better with age. All of my albo’s have matured into some of the most stunning centerpieces in my plant room. There is no better price on the quality provided- you just can’t fake happy plants!


My plants are growing like crazy with this Stuff!! I dilute it for all the plants in my garden, too!! I recommend!! SUPER Fast shipping, too! Thanks So Much!! 👍💚👍🌿😁