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The Differences in Monstera Variegata



All versions of the Variegated Monstera (Monstera variegata) come from the Genus of Monstera. And they either come from the species borsigiana OR deliciosa. To be Variegated Monstera, there must be albino portions of the leaf.

Monstera 'Albo' borsigiana:


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Albo Monstera is the Classical Variegated Monstera (aka Monstera Variegata). When you hear someone say, 'Albo' they are referring to this one!

It can have different patterns such as Marbled, Sectoral, or Sport.


Marbled Half Moon Albo

Marbled variegation is a blend of white and green parts which makes for one of the most sought after colorings!


Discrete lines through the leaves leads to sections being completely white, or completely green. 



Sport Albo Monstera borsigiana

Variegation in Albos can decrease with subsequent leaves beyond the stem. We call this 'Sport' variegation when an Albino plant begins putting out mostly green leaves with low variegation.

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Monstera 'Thai Constellation' deliciosa:


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Thai Constellation Monstera Deliciosa

As the name implies, the Thai Constellation looks like a meteor show across the leaves! It tends to have a pattern of splashes of yellow across its green leaves.

Like the Marbled Monstera Albo, The Thai, can have half mooning and large patches of yellow variegation.

Monstera 'Aurea' deliciosa:


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 Monstera Deliciosa Aurea


Monstera Aurea has YELLOW coloring throughout its leaves. The Aurea typically has marbling, as well as a half mooning that can occur.

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Sectoral Stem Creates Sectoral Leaves Variegated Monstera

The stem of each plant contains the genetics of the plant. If you are wondering what the leaves will look like, Look at the Stem!

  • Marbling in the stem will lead to marbling in the leaves!
  • Sectoral patterns in the stem will typically lead to chunks of Albino parts in the leaf!
  • An all green stem may lead to a Monstera Sport (green leafed plant).


Albo Monstera Stem Coloring

The Albino Parts WILL Brown!

Browning Albino parts of Monstera Variegata

This is NOTHING to worry about! The albino portions of the leaf will eventually brown off because they do not contain chlorophyll.

Maintain lots of light on the plants, and adequate fertilizer!

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