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How MUCH Should You Water Your Plants?

One of the most frequent questions we get is: How much should I water my plants?

All houseplants should not be watered exactly the same.

Broadly, they can be broken into 3 categories


  • (Keep moist): water plentifully allowing much water to run out.
  • Typically every 5-10 days - the top layer of soil can dry.
  • Marantas, Calatheas, Lilies, Spiders


  • (Semi-dry): water just until water comes from the bottom.
  • Typically every 10-20 days - the top few inches of soil should dry.
  • Rubber trees, Figs, Philodendrons, Pothos, Monsteras


  • (Let soil dry): water sparingly until soil has absorbed some, but don’t soak. 
  • Typically every 20+ days - the top half of the pot should be dry.
  • Snakes, ZZs, Succulents



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