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How To Get Rid of Root Rot [VIDEO]

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TWO Simple Ways to Cure Root Rot:

1. Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

Mix 2 parts water, 1 part hydrogen peroxide, soak your soil with this mixture.

2. Bleach

Mix 6-10 drops bleach per 1 quart of water, then soil drench with this solution!

The video below shows both methods in action!



Why Do I have Root Rot?

Root rot occurs when the roots don’t receive enough oxygen, usually because of too much water.

A parasite called Pythium makes its way in, and needs to be sterilized from the soil! Use peroxide or bleach to do this!


Will it go away?

Eventually, yes with the treatments outlined above! 

Think of the sterilization (Peroxide + Bleach) as antibiotics.

We have to wipe out the bad in our soil, to allow new microbes in and protect our plants!


How can I avoid this in the future?

    1. Don't overwater
    2. ALWAYS use pots WITH drainage holes
    3. Use an organic potting mix specifically made for houseplants, like this one we mix weekly in Los Angeles.
    4. Potentially increase the amount of light the plant is getting. Sometimes too little light stops photosynthesis and encourages root rot. Light levels are explained here in a 1-minute video.


  • Plants use water as they are exposed to light. So more light = more water use!
  • If your plant has very little light, it won’t need to be watered much.
  • Avoid the number one killer of houseplants, OVERWATERING 🙌
  • You can learn more about the light and water relationship here.

 Hydrogen Peroxide on Amazon, here.

 Bleach on Amazon, here.

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  • Just don’t mix bleach and h2o2 makes a caustic gas that could explode!

  • Sticky Honeydew is killing my indoor
    plant. My plant is over 6ft tall. To heavy to repot. I’ve treated my plant on a daily basis with Dawn Liquid Soap and warm water but honeydew continues to return. I’ve had my plant over 3 years with no problems until now. Please help!

    Elaine M.
  • Same question as Sarah, and also then can I keep the potting mix or throw it out each time I water it?

  • After soaking the soil with peroxide for 15 minutes do you leave it on the drainage plate or repot the plant with the same soil. Or do you change the soil? And how would this affect fertilizing the plant?

    Sarah Rhoden
  • @ Lizete – about 15 minutes!

    Chris Ernst

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