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What is Bright Indirect Light?

How much light should I give my plant? This is one of the two fundamentals in taking care of houseplants.

For simplicity, we've broken light levels into 3 sections:

BRIGHT INDIRECT: all houseplants can thrive in this light, but it is prime real estate 🏡 Save it for your plants that must have it to thrive! Figs, monsteras...






MEDIUM INDIRECT: often a few feet from windows, in the middle of rooms. Most houses have lots of this space 💡 Pothos, Philodendrons...




LOW INDIRECT: often on the opposite wall of a window. Can get dark for many hours of the day. ☁️Snakes, ZZs...







Think of light as the minimum amount required! If a plant is graded as medium indirect, it’s best to not go much below that level 😄 

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