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How to Get Rid of Gnats in Houseplants

Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats can be one of the most frustrating battles with house plants. Worry not though!

They can be beat!

We suggest these 3 organic methods for fighting gnats:

1. BTi  - (Bacillus thuringeniesis israelensis)

2. Sand Barrier

3. Sticky Traps

These organic methods are meant to be used simultaneously. You must fight gnats at all stages of life. There is no magic bullet! We're going to break each one down.

We call this combination the Gnat Fighting Kit, and it can be found Here.


    • Life Stage: Larvae Stage
    • How to Use: Mix 1-2tsp with your water, and water as usual.
    • Frequency: As often as possible (ideally as prevention)


    You can get BTi Here.


    Sand Barrier

    • Life Stage: Adult Stage
    • How to Use: Add a 1/2" layer to the top of your soil.
    • Frequency: Once flying gnats are seen.

    You can get Gnat Sand Here.

    Sticky Traps

    • Life Stage: Adult Stage
    • How to Use: Place around the top of your pot, and near your plants.
    • Frequency: Once flying gnats are seen, and periodically to monitor insect populations.

    Yellow Sticky Traps

    You can get Sticky Traps Here. 


    Again, these Gnat Control items are best used in conjunction with one another! 

    Here is the Gnat Fighting Kit.

    Good luck! And remember these tips to limit gnats:

    • Gnats survive on the water pockets through the soil. Try and keep your soil on the drier side.
    • Though they are annoying, they are usually not detrimental to plants!
    • Gnats usually reside in potting mix. Make sure you're buying quality soil.
    • Try and water from the bottom up. Here's a video on it: 




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    • Hello, I have your fungus gnat kit and added a layer of sand to many of my plants, however the sand seems to be taking forever to dry out as I am watering from the top. Should I not water through the top through the sand?

      Hana McMurtray

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