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Below you will find a collection of our most popular questions and answers!

Q: My package's tracking says it was delivered, but nothing arrived!

A: Worry not! The post office unfortunately (and often!) marks packages as delivered before they actually drop them off 🙄


Q: What is a BioPot, and when will it biodegrade?

A: A BioPot is a 3D printed pot derived from plant-based material(corn). In typical household conditions, it will degrade in ~100 years (so no need for us to worry!)

In ideal, accelerated conditions (commercial composting facility) biodegradation can speed up to 12 months, as the material is simply made from starches 🌽



Q: Is my Peace Lily dying?

A: Peace Lilies are very dramatic when they need water, and will bounce back quite quickly once watered! Check out this video on how-to water deeply.


Q: My plant has a mark on its leaf, should I be worried?

A: Nope! Just like all of us, plants have their imperfections too. Their skin is delicate, and once it bruises, the wound will close, but not regenerate!


Q: My plant arrived damaged from shipping, what should I do?

A: Text us photos of what happened to (310)929-0855 or email us to


Q: How often should I water?

A: Considering over-watering is the leading cause of houseplant death, perhaps less than you think. 

  • Once per week - Peace Lily, Spider Plants, other fleshy-leaved plants
  • Once per two weeks - Philodendrons, Pothos, Monsteras, slightly tougher-leaved plants
  • Once every three plus weeks - Succulents, Snake Plants, ZZs, Fiddle Leaf Figs (in large pots), and other leathery leaved plants

Remember, the toughness of a plant's skin is directly related to how much water it can hold, and how long it can go without water!


Q: How much should I water?

A: Typically, about 2/3s the size of the container it is in. For example, a 4" pot, you would water about 1 cup.