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Our Process

  1. Print: Our process begins with 3D printing each pot from biodegradable plastic.
  2. SoilWe then hand mix a custom organic blend of houseplant soil.
  3. Transplant: Next we transplant our healthiest version of each plant into the organic mix, into the freshly printed pot.
  4. Wrap: We then secure the soil down to the pot, and wrap a layer of protection around the foliage.
  5. Pack: Finally, we pack the box for shipment. We use cushioning and layers of protection, and strategic positioning to make sure your plants arrive safely!

Read on to learn more about our pots and soil!

Pretty in Green Bioplastics Biodegradable Pots

All of our pots are designed, and manufactured in West Los Angeles using bioplastics -- which are derived from corn and biodegradable! Every pot is carefully designed for simple aesthetics that will go with any decor, and of course functionality.

See our pots here!

Just because our pots are biodegradable, doesn't mean they aren't durable! It just means that they will degrade back into the earth as sugars, eventually. Whereas traditional oil-based plastics--that nursery pots are made from--will take thousands of years.

We are always working to make stronger, better, and more beautiful pots, stands, hangers, and just about anything else on our printers! If you have any questions about the printers or our techniques, feel free to reach out to chris@prettyingreen.com

What are BioPlastics? 


Pretty in Green Organic Soil

All of our plants come pre-transplanted in 100% organic soil. We provide enough root space so transplanting won't be necessary for 6-12 months.

Every week, we make an organic soil blend in-house, that has only the best OMRI-listed ingredients. We've found that the average soil that houseplants come in isn't user friendly, and is almost always chemical-based(derived from fossil fuels). 

See our soil here.

It's undoubtedly more expensive to mix and blend our own soil, and use only organic products, but we know the extra cost is worth it, and will save time and money in the future.