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Rehydrating | Houseplant How-to Blog

Today, we're discussing rehydrating your plants -- a question we frequently get, especially with the Peace Lily, which tends to wilt quite quickly, then recover! 

Before we get started, you're going to need a couple things:


  • Tupperware or dish/saucer to hold water
  • Cup/bottle to fill up dish when empty


  1. Fill a bowl or tupperware up with a couple inches of water
  2. Place the pot in it so the water goes about 2-3 fingers up the side of the pot. Situate the plant in a space that receives indirect light (not too bright!)
  3. Monitor the water level, and keep it filled (this will give the soil and roots more time to absorb water completely!)
  4. When the plant stops absorbing, remove it from the water
  5. Let drip on a saucer or over the sink
  6. Expose to bright, but indirect sunlight

That's it! You did it! Let us know what you think about this new blog in the comments, and stay tuned for the video!

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  • I am a believer, I can revive plants if they have living connections! Only 6 stems were not broken just a little bent I saved 5 of them so far . 4blossoms were smashed or dried /dead! I tell you! and stems strings. The other about 4 blossoms were broken they have no source to live , shut off from any soil nutrients. Absolutely not worth anything! You need to replace this as Son as possible

    Barbara Mungn
  • I wanted to thank you for my shipment. I received it today. Very well packed. Plants were moist. I love my plants they look so fresh and brand new. Dark greens leaves. I know you took your time growing and packaging these plants. I look forward to continue purchasing from you again in the near future.

    Thank you so very much

  • How long will it be before you replenish all your sold out items?? Thank you……..Oh BTW, It’sjustkelli sent me. I heard about your wonderful plants from her youtube channel. Thank you !


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